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Valerie Eriksen

Valerie Eriksen is the Founder and President of Healthy For Life. Her keen interest and personal devotion to Health and Wellness emerged through a nutrition class during her college days at Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida, where she was a Business and Fashion major. Valerie has had a variety of life experiences ranging from a 16 year career as an International Model, to an Executive Management position with a large Alabama based company, to devoted mom of many years. It is this latter mentioned 'career' that motivated her to study and learn ways to raise her children and prepare food in as healthy a manner as possible to reduce doctor visits, increase family wellness, and lessen the possibility of future weight related illnesses. She continues to attend seminars regularly, research, and study to increase her knowledge to best assist her client’s weight loss and wellness needs.

In addition to Health and Wellness, Valerie’s other passions include traveling, hiking, swimming, spending time with her wonderful family, volunteering to assist those who are less fortunate, and counting her blessings.

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